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September 08, 2009






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 Name: White Horse Clown Fish

Our Price:  $ 25,000  for one White Horse Clown Fish

                    : $ 30,000 for Pair of These Special Clown Fish
Size:   2 inches

     These rare and unique clownfish belong to the saddle back clownfish family or Amphiprion Polymnus. They were found in the little bay area of the Gulf of Thailand called Samaesarn, which is a part of Sattahip Province in the Eastern part of Thailand. There has been no additional discovery of these fish since then.

Term and Condition :

     Once the payment transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us and these special clown fish will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Please setup your aquarium with an active biological filtration prior to the arrival of your new special clownfish according to these specifications: 

  • Salinity between 28-33 ppt
  • PH between 8.0-8.2 ppm
  • Water temperature between 25-30 Celsius  

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Payment has to be paid in advance before shipment and all freight charges are bound by customers.


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